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Web Design online short course

Receive a certificate of completion upon successfully completing the course.

Course overview

It has been said that your website is like a “virtual handshake”, helping you create an immediate and powerful first impression. This highly practical 10-week short course introduces you to the field of web design, teaching you the key principles involved in creating a well-planned, aesthetically pleasing and ultimately effective website. Learn basic skills in HTML, Javascript and CSS to optimally design for the web. The course culminates in the completion of a 4-page website of your own creation.

Is this course for you?

The UCT Web Design online short course is right for you if:

  • You are looking to learn the fundamental skills you need to be able to design your very own website from scratch, whether for personal or professional pursuit
  • You are looking to update and diversify your digital design skills, making you more attractive to employers
  • You’d like step-by-step instructions and the opportunity to ask questions if you get stuck while designing your website, from an industry expert
  • You want to add web design skills to your CV and potentially explore starting a business that offers web design services
What will you learn?

Over this 10-week course, you’ll be guided through the process of conceptualising, planning and designing a fully functional website.

Orientation module Welcome to your Virtual Learning Environment
Module 1 Introduction to web design
Module 2 Web hosting options and design tools
Module 3 Planning your website: Content and structure
Module 4 Working with images
Module 5 Visualising your website: Colour, images, fonts and layout
Module 6 Basics of HTML, HTML5 and CSS
Module 7 Coding with HTML5 and CSS
Module 8 Advanced CSS, Javascript and trends in web design
Module 9 Creating and publishing your website
Module 10 Testing and maintaining your website

View the Get Smarter Web Design Learner Showcase, featuring the design work of learners on the previous presentation of this course.

Confirm this course is right for you

This Readiness Test will help you assess your preparedness for this course by asking you a few quick questions relating to time management, technological requirements, your expectations, and the subject matter level – to help you confirm that this online course is the right fit for you.

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