Very Cool Ideas

Very Cool Ideas

Very Cool Ideas Training – expert facilitators and designers.

Professional service and delivery with comparative prices and corporate discounts.

Very Cool Ideas – your number 1 training provider.

* VERY COOL IDEAS have developed an Interactive Assessment Process which eliminates the need for big cumbersome Porfolios of Evidence. During this 1-day Interactive Assessment session the learners, in a group, report on their progress, strengths and review their performance, in terms of the training programme that they attended.

The VERY COOL IDEAS assessor will then, assess each learner’s report and group presentation and sign off the learners during this Interactive Assessment session – No Portfolio of Evidence!

* VERY COOL IDEAS is recognized in the industry as The Specialist in the development and up-skilling of Trainers and ETD Practitioners.

* VERY COOL IDEAS only uses Facilitators & Developers who are accredited & highly qualified and are experts in their field.

* VERY COOL IDEAS has developed Learning/Training Material for several SETAs.

* VERY COOL IDEAS has linked up with a few chosen providers from the European Unions, to present Management Development Prgrammes and Coaching / Mentorship Programmes which are presented internationally.

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