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As a business professional, the ability to write clearly and concisely is not an optional skill—it is a critical one. Anyone can develop and master this critical writing skill over time. This training program will show you and help you teach others a simple process to use that will improve your general writing skills whether it’s an email, letter, a proposals, and even your CV. In this course you will learn an easy 5-step business writing process that will:

business-writing-training course-material

 Prevent “writer’s block” and help you identify your most important ideas

 Influence your audience better and sell your ideas

 Make your writing impactful and easy to understand

Course objectives:

By the end of this training course participants
will be able to:

 Explain the five steps in the writing process
 Generate ideas using five techniques (brainstorming, freewriting, mindmapping,
the post-it technique and the five W’s)
 Analyze their audience and select ideas that are most meaningful to them.
 Organize their ideas based on audience needs and document purpose
 Draft a document and give impactful feedback
 Revise a document to include specific examples, to change any negative tone,
and to format it for emphasis and readability
 Edit a document to make sentences concise, to eliminate passive voice,
and to ensure all lists and series are parallel
 Proofread a document for spelling, agreement and punctuation.

Brief Outline:

bullet Professional business writing process
bullet Pre-writing.
-Free writing
-Mind Mapping
bullet Editing your writing
    -Active voice
-Parallel construction
bullet Proofreading


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