Roadranger Academy


Roadranger Academy

Roadranger Academy provides service professionals with instructor-led and computer-based training on Roadranger drivetrain products. Through Roadranger Academy product training service professionals will reduce equipment downtime by efficiently and accurately diagnosing and servicing Roadranger drivetrain products.

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*Enrollment and payment for all Roadranger Academy courses in the United States are conducted through the Roadranger Academy. To complete enrollment, you will need an account. If you do not have an account, you will be asked to set up an account during registration at the Roadranger Academy.
Product Training for Technicians

  • Learn time-saving techniques and shortcuts used by the experts.
  • Get hands-on training that shows you how to more accurately diagnose a problem.
  • Receive valuable class materials to keep and reference what you learned.
  • Reduce customer downtime and increase customer satisfaction by getting trucks out of the bays quicker.

Please contact your training representative to enroll in Roadranger Academy courses in Mexico.

*Previous Roadranger Store users will need to register at Roadranger Academy prior to booking classes.

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