LabourNet Learning & Development Solutions

LabourNet Learning & Development Solutions

At LabourNet we take great pride in the training services poviding effective, hands on and comprehensive trainingto assist managers to deal with common staff related situations and thereby create a productive working environment in their area of responsibility.

How do you ensure effective learning ?

All LabourNet accredited facilitators are highly qualified, skilled and practicing Labour Relations and Human Capital specialists.

As part of our accreditation with the Services SETA and in line with our ongoing focus to be the the benchmark training provider, LabourNet has designed workshops to maximise delegate participation and practical learning.
We do this through the utilisation of the following performance based learning techniques:

  • Scheduled and structured interaction and group discussions
  • Case scenario based questionnaires and activities
  • Customised role play’s emphasising carefully selected situations specific to the relevant work environment
  • Step by step guidelines for practical and easy-to-follow techniquesOne of the key benefits of LabourNet training is that wecustomise our material were possible to reflect the organisation’s policies and procedures thereby ensuring the practicality of the learning expirience for all attendees.

    Each delegate is provided with their own learning manual that can be used as a quick reference guide to ensure retention of new concepts or skills development. Our electronic presentations encourage interaction and interest in the subjects at hand.

    How do you know the learning has been effective?

    LabourNet is also able to assess for competence in the skill or knowledge that would be transferred through the specific training offered. These observational assessments allow the organisation to not only measure the effectiveness of the training but also ensure learning continues after the ’classroom’ through one-on-one interaction with highly experienced consultants.

    Where unit standards are available, we have aligned our courses to these to ensure delegates trained may obtain credits towards national qualifications as defined by the National Qualifications Framework.

    Training is conducted in two formats:

  • Public Courses
    Public Courses are advertised on our website with dates for each region. log on to to view the events listed.
  • Inhouse Courses
    We offer all our training programmes at the clients premises or any other agreed venue. The training can be provided on a national basis and is usually presented when 8 or more employees require the same training.This saves the client travel, accommodation costs and expense allowances.

    The in-house training is customised to suit the needs of the client in respect of the content and the duration of the course and is done in line with LabourNet’s vision of affordability.

    Feedback reports can be submitted on request to assess the development and understanding of each delegate during the training.

    More information on the company and the relevant products can be accessed via our

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