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Design Patterns

The Design Patterns course introduces the concepts of design patterns. This includes the
classification of design patterns, how to identify the possible usage of specific design patterns, the
advantages and ramifications of using patterns, and when to avoid using design patterns. Anti-
patterns will also be introduced.

Delegates who complete the Design Patterns course will be able to:
■ Identify and use design patterns correctly.
■ Identify the incorrect usage of design patterns.
■ Be familiar with the Gang of Four Design patterns.
■ Identify and classify behavioral, creational and structural patterns.

Contact Details

Contact Person:

Jacqui Coosner
Contact: Incus Data (Pty) Ltd

Course Delivery Method:

In Class

Course Duration:

5 days


R9 800-00 excl VAT per delegate. Includes course material, refereshments & mea

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