Eastcape Training Centre

Eastcape Training Centre

The Eastcape Training Centre (ETC) is a highly competent and fully accredited training provider that offers practical and technical skills at the campus in Struandale, Port Elizabeth.

Eastcape Training Centre (ETC) is a registered FET College (with Department of Education) and accredited with various Sector, Education and Training Authorities (SETAs) such as MerSETA, CHIETA, FIETA, TETA and Services SETA.

Eastcape Training Centre (ETC) is also fully accredited in terms of the South African Qualification Authority (SAQA).

Learning and skills programmes offered for a particular industry or sector are accredited by the relevant SETA ETQA.

The qualifications in various sectors are offered up to NQF Level5.

Our facilitators, moderators and assessors are chosen for their high degree of expertise and are registered with and meet the requirements of the relevant SETA.

Since its inception in 1976, Eastcape Training Centre (ETC) has expanded and matured into a dynamic, landmark institution rarely rivalled in the wide scope of courses and qualifications we offer.

Fashioned by a proud history, Eastcape Training Centre (ETC) is nationally recognized as a leader in skills development & as a highly successful private institution.

Governed by a board of representatives, Eastcape Training Centre (ETC) provides crucial services to industry and commerce as well as local and provincial government and local communities.

With our dedicated professional staff, facilities, equipment and commitment to the highest quality training standards, Eastcape Training Centre (ETC) has and continues to equip thousands of people with an extensive range of skills across an array of sectors.

Eastcape Training Centre (ETC) training philosophy is to provide theoretical and practical training as well as experiential learning & a work place culture. Eastcape Training Centre (ETC) offer a variety of short courses, Learnerships and Apprenticeships in:

Building & Construction
Driver Training
Motor Mechanical
Catering & Hospitality

Eastcape Training Centre (ETC) also offer computer training & trainability testing.

Eastcape Training Centre (ETC) are built for the industry with a range of relevant programmes and value added services.

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Full Accreditation


CETA (Construction SETA)

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