Audio Institute of America

Looking for a Great Recording School?

You’re in the Right Place!

• Whether your dream is to have a top-notch home studio or have a great gig in the recording industry – Audio Institute of America will get you there.

• Enroll in our Online Course and you can download it all onto your home computer and begin learning right now. We also offer a Printed Version of the course.

• Even if you don’t yet have a home-studio, you still can take our course.

Become a Professional Sound Engineer

Recording is Rewarding!
Turn an exciting hobby into a rewarding and exciting career. Thousands of records have already been engineered by AIA graduates who are now enjoying professional careers all over the world. Imagine the thrill of hearing a record you engineered coming over the airwaves, or climbing the charts.

In 90 days or less you can become a trained Recording Engineer and Music Producer

• You get 2 courses for the price of one

Not only will you be come a fully trained Recording Engineer, but you will also have the knowledge of a multi-talented Music Producer.
Almost all producers begin their careers as recording engineers.
You will have gained enough artist skills and management techniques to be able to sign artists and produce them in the studio.

• FREE evaluations of your recordings — even after you’ve graduated

Practical assignment projects — Listening and learning from our examples then sending us your own recordings for feedback.

Audio Institute of America – 814 46th Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94121
TEL/FAX (415)752-0701
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