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Waterfall Engineering was established in 2005, Bucharest. It serves for electro-mechanical installations, feasibility study, design, project, consulting, material supply, practice, operation and maintenance. At all stages of studies; Waterfall Engineering, considering the system choices, the optimum investment and cost at the request of the employer, has taken its place as inventor’s solution partner in the sector. It intends for the right design and customer satisfaction owing to its experience in international project.

The aim of our firm is to provide electro-mechanical installation of housing and social service structure appropriate to Turkish standarts (TSE, BS, ASHRAE, DIN, SNIP).It is also eco-friendly and industrial. By the end of the process, Electro-mechanic operating system is checked by the performance tests. In addition; upon request of employer, It provides training for employer.

Waterfall Electro – Mechanical Contracting

  • Str. Splaiul independentei Nr.3 BI.17 Sc.1 Et.3 Sec.5 Apt.8 Bucharest/Romania
  • +4 021 31061 72
  • +4 021 31061 73
  • +4 021 31064 60
  • ozaydin.apaydin@waterfall.ro
  • 0724 383 850

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