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Academic Life Coaching provides coach training to educators and professionals wishing to utilize life coaching skills with middle and high school students. The training focuses on a core set of life coaching skills, exercises specifically tailored to teenagers, and methods for including life coaching skills and Academic Life Coaching exercises in one-to-one and group work.

Over 6 months, the training provided by Academic Life Coaching fulfills the 60 training hours required by the International Coach Federation to become an Associate Certified Coach.

In the free life coaching links below, you can download a few chapters of the Super Training Guide, the actual text that we use in our Life Coach Training and Certification Program. The first chapter gives you an idea of some of the core life coaching concepts, while Chapter Seven gives you an idea of how we apply life coaching to help teenagers gain an understanding of how they can thrive in school. Chapter Nine provides a framework for thinking and addressing motivation with a teenager from a life coaching point-of-view.

The training and certification program is really a balance between core life coaching concepts and what those concepts mean to students and why certain aspects work well for teens. If you have any questions about life coaching, the training and certification program, or really just want to talk with us about our vision and future plans, here’s a link to our contact page.

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