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Using technology to solve an immediate, pressing problem is relatively easy. Designing and implementing a robust architecture that serves the immediate needs to the enterprise and is consistent with the long-term strategic vision of the organization is a bit more difficult. Enterprise Architecture (EA) is the practice of applying a comprehensive and rigorous method for describing, defining, designing, and ultimately deploying a framework that addresses business architecture, performance management, organizational structure, and process architecture.

Web Age Solutions offers comprehensive training in Enterprise Architecture, as well as Solution Architecture and Software Architecture.

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There are several options for training, including traditional classroom courses, live virtual courses, and soon, online video training.

Traditional classroom training has the advantage of allowing discussions between the students. Since EA students often have extensive experience in software development and business analysis, students usually find discussions interesting and valuable.

Live Virtual Training places some limitations on in-class discussions (just due to the nature of teleconferencing), but has the advantage of convenience – architects typically don’t need to travel to attend the course.

Video training offers the most convenience. Students can view the videos on their own schedule and at any convenient pace. You can also view the videos multiple times to lock-in the knowledge. Online video training will generally be the most economical training options.

Our EA curriculum explores the fundamentals, popular frameworks such as Zachman, The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF®), Department of Defense Architecture Framework (DoDAF), Ministry of Defense Architecture Framework (MODAF), and TRAK, and aims to provide a broad awareness for the implications of EA and how to best support its adoption through changes to people, processes, and technology.

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