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In order to fight fires with absolute confidence, your fire department must get to know your Waterous fire pump products inside and out. Our videos, literature, charts and posters provide invaluable reference information on operating and servicing your pumps, and compliment Waterous’ in-depth training materials, which support in-house or train-the-trainer programs.

3-D Animations —
CMU Fire Pump, Eclipse CAFSystem, Advantus Foam Management System, Priming Systems, Intake Relief Systems, Discharge Relief Systems
F2657 Free
Friction Loss Chart F2426 0.50
Smooth Nozzle Discharge Chart F2425 0.50
Shifting Poster F2600 Free
Two-Stage Midship Pump Cutaway Poster F2637 Free


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Training Materials Enhance Formal Education Courses

With Waterous’ fire pump training materials, you’ll never have to worry that the time your fire department spent in the classroom went in one ear and out the other. Our comprehensive product orientation and education courses cover a massive amount of material, and our fire pump training materials reinforce what was covered in class and serve as continuing references. Great for new employees or seasoned firefighters requiring a refresher on complicated equipment, our supplemental videos, print literature and promotional items have you covered.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words – Waterous Training Videos

We’ve developed highly complex, detailed videos on numerous Waterous products to offer you a visual representation of the in-depth workings of a fire pump and related equipment. Used to enhance classroom training situations and as a reliable resource, our videos provide visual representations of our products for complete product understanding inside and out.

Product Literature & Printed Training Materials

Implementing a blend of fire pump training materials provides a well-rounded training course and builds a resource center for continuing education and training. Along with videos, Waterous’ product literature and printed training materials give your fire department in-depth materials to supplement classroom and hands-on education experiences. From posters to brochures to spec sheets, we’ve got what you need to instill operator and mechanic confidence and promote proper use and maintenance.


Providing you with the knowledge to operate your Waterous product to its ultimate level of performance, our experienced factory trainers are just a phone call away. Understanding that training are vital services for successful product operation, we’re ready to  answer your questions.

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