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100% Online Master’s in Mechanical Engineering
A Program that is Engineering Focused and Industry Driven

Online Master's in Mechanical Engineering Launching Spring 2016


The mechanical engineering graduate program at the Cockrell School of Engineering ranks within the top programs in the nation. This 100% online, asynchronous, executive master’s degree allows you to earn a world-class education from anywhere in the world. The online structure provides challenging materials using current best practices in online delivery including discrete lecture modules and experiential learning capabilities. The degree you will earn is identical to that awarded by the full-time program and comes fully backed by the globally recognized UT-Austin brand. Courses are presented as they relate to current industry trends, and the program incorporates a focus on intellectual property and how it relates to the mechanical engineering industry.

This 30 credit-hour, non-thesis program can be completed within two years, and the increased flexibility allows you to work at a pace that is designed to fit your busy schedule. It’s time to sharpen your focus and broaden your engineering perspective.


The Cockrell School of Engineering is ranked as the ninth best engineering school in the nation for online degrees by OnlineU based on affordability, accessibility, and quality of the programs offered. The modular courses in this online program have been designed from the ground up to incorporate current best practices in online education. Courses are broken into small, manageable segments that are completed asynchronously by a cohort of students. Lessons may consist of case studies, short videos, group discussions, and experiential projects for students to apply new knowledge. Students will receive regular feedback and communication from instructors and classmates within the cohort. After a series of lessons have been completed throughout the semester, students’ progress is measured using traditional exams, project-based assessments and other measures.


  • Courses are available completely online and available to suit your schedule. Earn your Master’s degree while you continue to work full-time.
  • Course content is industry-relevant and immediately applicable.
  • Acquire the knowledge and skills you need to design and manufacture successful products, and design processes utilizing emerging technologies. Course work will prepare you to solve engineering design and synthesis problems, develop models and control systems, and analyze heat transfer systems.
  • Online courses are designed in accordance with best current practices in remote learning.
  • Graduates receive the same Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering Degree awarded by the traditional full-time program.


  • The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts an increase of nearly 10,000 mechanical engineering jobs by 2016.
  • The Bureau of Labor Statistics also states that as the economy continues to improve the demand for mechanical engineers will increase by 9%.
  • Those with a master’s degree can earn 17.92% more than those without one.
  • Earning a master’s in mechanical engineering can increase opportunities for top-tier engineering positions.
  • According to a recent study by the Online Learning Consortium, 67% of academic professionals rated online education courses the same as or superior to face-to-face instruction due to increased flexibility.


Applicants should have an accredited, four-year degree in Mechanical Engineering or a related technical field with at least 12 months of professional experience. This degree is relevant to engineers looking for advanced training in mechanical engineering technologies and applications; who want to move up into leadership or project management positions; and to those who want to acquire immediately applicable knowledge and skills.


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