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The Nature College is a CATHSSETA and SASSETA accredited training provider for Field Guides and Game Rangers. We are also FGASA endorsed providers and CyberTracker accredited assessors.

We have been training Field Guides in the National Parks and surrounding communities since 1993. This is complemented by our Field Ranger Training Programme, where we draw on the expertise of a variety of specialists, and experience gained in the South African National Parks and other wildlife organisations since the early 90’s.

Our Field Guide training is based on the publications An Introduction to Nature GuidingAnimal Alert! and The Nature Guide and is complemented by a variety of expert lecturers.

The Nature College has top quality training staff. Our minimum requirement is 5 years operational experience.


The Nature College has developed its own unique training programmes and materials independent of other providers and associations such as FGASA. This has led to a fresh approach in training, interesting handbooks and stimulating course presentations. Our assessment techniques and procedures are highly rated by CATHSSETA, and are designed to be user friendly and a real test of ability.

Our training is geared towards South Africans – we provide school leavers and other young people with career training. Less than 0.5% of our learners are from overseas, therefore our training is focused on you – the South African young people.

Once you have been approved by a Nature College assessment, we can send you into the guiding world with confidence. A qualification from The Nature College is a guarantee to your prospective employer that you have been equipped with good, solid guiding skills and a practical approach to guiding.

The Nature College qualifications are endorsed by FGASA.

The Nature College has built an effective administrative system that will produce quick results. Experience helped us streamline our systems. We do not want customers frustrated by bad administration. We have a high level of personal interaction and involvement with clients, and our students remain associated with The Nature College for years without having to pay annual subscription fees.


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