The Document Warehouse Training Academy

The Document Warehouse Training Academy

Training Academy (Est. 2000)


“To provide our clients with an excellent records management system to ensure world class service delivery, and to maintain the highest service standards in compliance with National Archive specifications and according to international best practice” (ISO)


“To provide cost effective records management training and education programmes to our clients and stakeholders. Aligning to National Archives, relevant legislation and International Best Practice Standards requirements for both electronic and hardcopy records”

Training Division

Over the past 16 years The Document Warehouse Training Academy has strategically established itself as an industry leader in Records Management education. We offer exceptional value to our corporate and public sector customers, with learners going back to the workplace with the necessary skills to understand and implement good Records Management practices and principles.

Guided by the National Qualifications Framework (NQF) and the Skills Development Act The Document Warehouse Training Academy supports the current presidential and national skills orientated objectives of creating employment opportunities in South Africa by identifying scares skills and responding with innovative transformative learning programmes. The Document Warehouse Training Academy has identified that Records Management is definitely one of South Africa’s scares skills!

Filing has always been left to staff members who have had no previous experience or training. Often the clerks appointed to manage the filing in organisations were originally employed as either the tea hostess or cleaners.

The Document Warehouse Training Academy has successfully passed a comprehensive SETQAA evaluation audit of our quality management practices in relation to the eight core criteria as specified by SAQA. Our Training Academy is a fully accredited training provider of education and training for the provision of learning programmes with the ETDP and Services Seta.
The Document Warehouse Training Academy actively participates in the Records Management industry and is an acknowledged leader in the field, we will continue in our objective to make a difference to Records Management in South Africa and to up skill Previously Disadvantaged people as Records /filing Clerks, Archivists and Records Managers.

Our staff are exceptionally knowledgeable about all governing legislation and the legal framework for records management. We align ourselves with National Archives nationally and internationally (we are acknowledged by them) we are also ISO standard aligned.

Our staff has vast experience and considerable skill with regards to managing projects and has a particular skill in designing and creating workable solutions and control mechanisms to allow departments /organisations to manage their documents and files properly. This results in an effective and efficient service delivery to our customers. The Document Warehouse Training Academy training staff are registered with services Seta ETQA Training Authority as Facilitators, Assessors and Moderators.

Facilitators have academic qualifications, workplace experience, subject expertise and personal experience in the field of Records Management.

Records Management Consulting

Consultation, Implementation and advisory capacity in Records Management and Archives

The Document Warehouse has been involved in Information Management for the past 16 years and has extensive experience in the Information Management arena. Our consultants are highly qualified and have more than 30 year’s experience in the field. The Document Warehouse work closely with the National and Provincial Archives of South Africa and make use of international standards i.e. ISO Standards as a benchmark for all Records Management projects.
Specialists in conducting :
Full and partial information audits;
Compiling Business Classification Systems (file plans);
Formulating Registry Procedure Manuals;
Formulating Records Management Policies;
Completing alterations and additions to approved file plans;
Training of staff from national, provincial and international archives in file plans;
Registry inspections for compliance with statutory framework;
Development of Schedule of Records other than correspondence files;
Implementation of essential control mechanisms for records;
Establishing registries and information centre’s for both private and public sector.

Projects Consulting and Training Inter Alia
IIE Independent Institute for Education 2015/2016 Registrar office development of file plan and Records Management policy.
National Department of Arts and Culture Pretoria 2015/16 development of file plan Records Management Policy, procedure including decongestion and disposal of records.
Makoya Supply Chain 2014/15 development of entire Records Management system.
Mpumalanga Tourism 2014/2015 development of records management system inclusive all components.
Office of the Premier Natal 2014/15 development of records management programme inclusive of all components.
FIC (Financial Intelligence Centre) 2013/14 file plan and schedule of other records, records management policy and procedure, training on implementation and interpretation of file plan. Inclusive decongestion programme.
NRCS – (2012) National Regulator for Compulsory Specifications (SABS) Training in the interpretation of approved file plan.
Provincial Archives- Gauteng (2012) Department of Sport, Arts, Culture and Recreation included: interpretation and implementation of approved file plan.
ICASA – (2012) re-evaluation of existing file plan, corrections additions to file plan. Implementation of file plan and training workshops.
SEDA (2010) Records Management Compliance Records Management System included:
Needs analysis and recommendation report. Information audit, compilation of File Plan, records management policies and procedures, best practice, disaster management. Development of Schedule of records other than Correspondence.
Department of Social Development (2009- ) Information Audit, Compilation of File Plan and formulation of Records Management Policies and Procedures. Development of Schedule of Records other than Correspondence.
Department of Economic Development (2009- ) information Audit and compilation of a file plan finance division.
Provincial Department of Economic Development. (2007) Strategic plan for implementing a Records management Programme.
ETDP – SETA (2007) Needs Analysis & Recommendation Report. (2010 – ) Information Audit, Compilation of File Plan and formulation of Records Management Policies and Procedures. Development of Schedule of Records other than Correspondence.
National Ports Authority (2005-2008) Establishment of a Records Management Programme including an information audit and the design & implementation of a functional subject file plan.

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