Sustainable IT Architecture

Sustainable IT Architecture: the way to assess your Information System

IS Rating Tool Course material
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(PPT, 5 Mb) – July 02th, 2010

It covers the following topics:
– Introduction in relation to IS/IT changes,
– Terms and definitions,
– The IS/IT foundation to reshape systems,
– IS Rating rules of thumb,
– Data assessment part.

The Rules and Processes assessment parts are currently being written.


What you will learn with this course: IS/IT impacts of the boom in data management, pitfalls of EA frameworks, meaning of IS Assets, meaning of IS Use Value, IS Intrinsic Value and IS Business Value, business triggers to start the IS restructuring based on a holistic use of MDM+BRMS+BPM, functioning of the IS Rating Tool with its Matrix crossing three domains of assessment (Knowledge, Governance, IT) with the three types of IS Assets (Data, Business Rules and Processes), use of the Data Assessment part of the IS Rating Tool.

As for all materials provided by Sustainable IT Architecture, this course is published with a creative commons license (it means open source document), so you can use this material for your own needs and publications under the condition to quote the author “Sustainable IT Architecture”.

All remarks and suggestions to improve this version are welcome either directly by email to the author Pierre Bonnet, or via our linkedin group.

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