Success Training Institute (STI)


Our Mission

The Success Training Institute in on a mission to deliver high quality, powerfully effective online soft skills training that accomplishes a singular goal: to develop a better business professional. Because we believe better begins on the inside, our training is not only focused on the most common soft skills but those that promote and encourage excellence in character, honesty and team collaboration.

Our commitment to fostering life long learning is exemplified by our dedication to constantly producing and updating our original content to keep our clients adequately supplied with the most current cutting edge training programs on the market; making them more efficient and effective.

Our Story

The story of the Success Training Institute is one of passion and pursuit. The founders of STI have a pure passion for developing the best practices in training and an even greater passion for helping others achieve unprecedented levels of success in and out of the boardroom.

With an unwavering belief that EVERYONE can learn, Success Training Institute features courses and training concepts that connect with almost every demographic. From the college student to the Senior Executive and everywhere in between, the STI SIPS© approach to training has been touted by individuals from all walks of life.

We Didn’t Forget You

Not affiliated with a company, STI also offers individual training programs that suit your needs as well. College Students, Entrepreneurs, Home-based Business Leaders and stay at home Moms, are also enjoying the benefits of the life changing courses offered by STI.

Our Training Method

Research studies show people learn better in smaller, stimulating training segments as opposed to spending hours at a time in a training class. Smaller segments (ten minutes or less) cater to the attention span and hectic schedules of business minded professionals.

TTherefore, STI offers original, highly effective content that will inspire your team to reach goals more efficiently. Companies that have used the STI platform have seen marked improvements in employee confidence, productivity and overall job satisfaction.

Your staff will be tested over the material and certificates of completion are awarded for each test they pass, providing instant gratification and the desire to learn even more.

Also, for reporting purposes, you can track how long each team member was on the site, which classes they successfully completed, the top performers in each class and much more.

Learn how your team can be transformed through effective, engaging training sessions that truly make an impact.

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