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Camp Directors Training

Planning a camp with young people? All you need to know is contained in the newly produced Camp Director’s Training Manual. Topics covered include Planning Camp Programmes, Spiritual programme, Recruiting of team, Roles and Responsibilities, Health and Safety and Camp Discipline.

Available on CD and hardcopy

“Making it Happen” Training Manual for High School Christian Groups

If you are running or about to run a School Christian Group at a high school, then “Making it Happen” is ideal and maps out the essential aspects: Selecting a Committee, Planning a Term Programme, Games and Activities, Inviting a Speaker, Working Inter-denominationally and so on.

Available in hardcopy

“Challenge to Grow” Resource Book

This book for facilitators of Primary School Christian Groups is a practical, self-contained and effective tool, containing 17 lessons with photocopiable pages at the end of the book. Make your preparation a joy, following the lesson outline for each session, containing content, creative ideas, conversation ideas and challenges to action.

Available in hardcopy

Holiday Club Training Manual

So, your church is planning a Holiday Club in the not-too-distant-future? SU has been a pioneer in the Holiday Club arena – and now has a standardised set of training sessions available geared at several levels of leader training (level 1-5).

Available in hardcopy

Taking the Lead

If you are a youth pastor, children’s worker or Christian teacher, Taking the Lead presents a comprehensive, one-hour packaged set of training modules – ready-to-use and ranging from Evangelism with children, to running events like Holiday Clubs or School Christian Groups, to Discipleship, Counselling, Leadership and Contextual ministry.

Available on CD

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