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To facilitate the implementation and the correct use of MedDRA, the ICH MedDRA Management Board and the MSSO provide a number of different training opportunities offered to all MedDRA users. This includes MedDRA specific training and training developed for the Regional Harmonisation Initiatives and Drug Regulatory Authorities participating in the Global Cooperation session of the ICH Steering Committee.  penguin

  • Face-to-face training – The MSSO provides free classroom training to regulatory authorities and industry users in a variety of locations. Topics include Coding with MedDRA, Getting Started with MedDRA, and MedDRA: Safety Data Analysis and SMQs. The training includes an expert instructor and electronic training materials. Attendees are responsible for their travel expenses. See the training schedule for a convenient class. Regulatory users should contact the MSSO Help Desk to arrange for training at their agency.All users are encouraged to follow a free introductory training curriculum before attending face-to-face training. This curriculum would benefit anyone who is involved with MedDRA coding or analysis including coders, dictionary and clinical data management personnel, clinical research and pharmacovigilance professionals, medical writers, regulatory affairs professionals, programmers, and statisticians.
  • Webinars – The MSSO provides free webinars on introductory topics such as Getting Started with MedDRA, MedDRA Overview, MedDRA Coding Basics, Advanced MedDRA Coding, Data Analysis and Query Building with MedDRA, Standardised MedDRA Queries (SMQs), and What’s New in MedDRA. The training includes an expert instructor and training materials.
  • Training videocasts – The MSSO provides free short videocasts on a variety of MedDRA-related topics in several different languages. The videocasts can be downloaded or viewed directly from the MedDRA website.
  • Face-to-face training for regions and countries beyond ICH – The ICH MedDRA Management Board coordinates closely with the ICH Steering Committee to offer MedDRA related training to countries and regions beyond ICH where there is an interest to implement MedDRA.

The ICH MedDRA Management Board also realises that organisations may need additional training and has required that the MSSO provides purchasable services to meet all users’ needs.

  • Fee-based onsite training – If you have more than just one or two staff to train, you may want to consider the option of onsite training. An MSSO trainer comes to your organisation’s site and uses the same training materials as the free face-to-face training described above. Contact us for onsite training inquiries.

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