KRH Community Training

KRH Community Training

KRH acts as a facilitator and training co-ordinator of support for individuals and organisations through our skills development programmes.

KRH utilises various accredited training colleges and academies to offer the highest quality learning to our learners and organisations.

  • CAD4ALL Training College offer accredited short courses and full qualifications in CAD, Architecture, Revit and Draughting.
  • Creative Minds Bellville is the preferred training centre for all computer training in Office, Word, Excel, Pastel and a qualification in end user computing.

KRH have been facilitating training organisations and youth in skills development for the past three years. Many of these students went on to start their own small businesses as entrepreneurs or are gainfully employed on a permanent or part-time basis for various organisations. The effect this initiative produced has made a life altering and priceless difference in all of the communities that it was introduced to.

Head Office

Unit 8D & 8E, Ground Floor, Nobel Park
Old Paarl Road, Bellville

021 948 0742

086 661 1859 /

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