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Why IQ Academy?

IQ Academy’s ambition is to provide access to distance education and training that has a significant positive impact on our students’ lives through employment relevance, quality curriculum and adaptable teaching and learning methodologies that suite our diverse students. It is within this context that we aim to realise our vision.

At IQ Academy we focus on four key value propositions aimed at ensuring what we do aligns with our vision.

1. Accessibility

  • Access to education is a priority throughout the structures of the Department of Higher Education and the greater community. We as a private institution support our regulators and stakeholders in achieving their vision by continuously focusing on innovation and accessibility to education for more students.
  • Through our programmes, course development and implementation strategies we aim to make our courses accessible to our demographically diverse students. Our programmes and courses are also modular and are thus designed for easy access and completion.
  • We invest in our people and technology to ensure learning programmes are fully supported and students have access to dedicated programme managers while assistance is available through various channels (telephone, digital, email, social media and soon to be launched a student portal).
  • As a distance education institution with students from across the greater South Africa, we recognise the challenges our students may experience versus those studying at traditional face-to-face institutions. We aim to bridge the distance gap through promoting and facilitating connectivity and social interaction between academic staff-and-students and student-and-students, thereby establishing a virtual community.

2. Affordability

  • We innovate and apply continuous improvement principles to ensure we can offer an affordable learning experience without compromising on the quality thereof.
  • We consistently innovate our fee payment plans and provide access to innovative payment solutions that enable and promote access to education.

3. Accredited

  • We offer formal education courses which are fully accredited and registered with the required regulatory bodies.
  • Our own short personal development courses are internally accredited through our own rigorous quality management system ensuring that they meet our students’ and industry expectations.
  • We work closely with our various regulators to ensure a sustainable partnership for the benefit of our students.
  • We strive through our quality management system to ensure that each programme we offer is of the highest standard.

4. Aspirational

  • People aspire to “things” in life, be they achievements, recognition or material possessions, and we recognise that we need to enhance our students’ aspiration to achieve more than they ever dreamed possible.
  • We aim to develop our brand into a leading aspirational private distance education provider recognised by industry and employers across every sector of the economy. By providing our students with a learning experience and not just a qualification.
  • We aim to enhance our brand through engaging with our communities and ensuring that our institution is a valuable social asset for the greater society.
  • Through association with IQ Academy our students will enjoy the benefits of a recognised and respected academic institution delivering quality course to students who will become capable of delivering value to the economy.

Academic teaching and learning capacity remains a key focus area of IQ Academy and we are committed to continue developing our capacity in: provision of education and learning to our students; academically supporting students in their academic careers; operating in the regulatory framework and in every facet of education to ensure a quality learning experience for our students.

Key benefits our students enjoy from IQ Academy distance learning:

  • Fully supported teaching and learning environment to help you pass
  • No need to attend classes everyday which saves you money
  • Benefit of being able to work whilst studying at your own pace
  • Flexible interest free repayment plans
  • No hidden or additional costs for text books
  • You will receive everything you need in your pack along with study guides which will guide you through the study material as if you were attending class.

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    NATIONAL CALL CENTRE 086 111 5054
    East London Administrative Office
    Postal Address
    Private Bag X6,
    East London Administrative Office
    Physical Address
    14 Fitzpatrick Road,
    East London,
    Johannesburg Administrative Office
    Physical Address
    160 Jan Smuts Avenue,
    South Tower,
    Upper Ground,
    General Fax 086 624 9795
    General Phone Number 087 350 7950
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    Registrar’s Office

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