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Video Based Course – Mechatronics and Remote Engineering – Robot Kinematics

Kinematics specifies the joint parameters and computes the configuration of the chain. For serial manipulators this is achieved by direct substitution of the joint parameters into the forward kinematics equations for the serial chain. The essential concept of forward kinematic is that the positions of particular parts of the model at a specified time are calculated from the position and orientation of the object, together with any information on the joints of an articulated model.
This course is designed to help students to understand the concept and use of a homogenous transformation matrix including kinematics of industrial robots and spherical wrist.
After completing this course, students will have expert knowledge on the basic principles of robot kinematics, dynamics, sensing and actuation, and control.


Electronic engineers
Automation Engineers
Mechanical Engineers
Consulting Engineers
Electrical Engineers
Maintenance technicians
Instrumentation and Control Engineers
Maintenance Engineers
IT specialists
Operations Engineers
Process Engineers
Process Operators
Production Managers
Project Managers
System Integrators

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Rosemary Mokwana

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In Class

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4 Hours, 8 Minutes, 14 Seconds


US$ 149.00

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