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Unit Standard 10299

About the course

If you are part of a Learning Department team in any company today, you haven’t got time to waste on elaborate course development procedures. You want a system that will work quickly, effectively and efficiently. You also want a system that will allow your creativity to flourish so that you enjoy the hard work that goes in to course development!

This workshop will teach you efficient, effective and creative ways to:

  • Design and develop outcomes-based course material for the learners attending a course or programme
  • Develop a facilitator’s guide for an outcomes-based learning programme
  • Create exercises and activities to help learners remember what they’ve learnt
  • Design and develop memorable visual aids
  • Develop meaningful activities to measure the effectiveness of the learning material.

Unit Standards

This workshop meets the last two outcomes of unit standard 10299 Design learning programmes and related learning materials ie:

  • Develop learning materials for a learning programme
  • Evaluate learning programme and learning materials.

This unit standard is set at NQF 6 and earns 20 credits. We strongly recommend all aspiring materials developers to attend the Plan & Design Outcomes Based Learning Material Workshop before attending this one, as this workshop builds directly upon material covered in the first workshop.

In addition, the workshop meets part of the requirements of Module 2 Planning & Preparing the Learning Sessions of the City & Guilds International Diploma in Teaching and Training.


This workshop begins by covering two significant chunks of knowledge: adult learning theory and lesson structure. Obviously, the way to start developing effective learning material is to understand what learning is all about! So we begin this workshop by reviewing experiential learning theory and by exploring some of the practical tools and instruments that are available for fine-tuning material to suit learners’ needs. You’ll have the opportunity to try out these tools on yourself – to understand your needs as a learner – so that you can take an informed approach towards developing learning material.

Gray Training has a tried and tested model for lesson structure – the IDC model. With this model as a base, relevant and effective lesson planning is a breeze and you’ll have the opportunity to develop training material using the model as a base. Hands-on application is the philosophy behind this intensive three-day workshop. By the end of the workshop you’ll have developed a facilitator guide, learners’ course material and visual aids for at least one lesson – and you’ll be well on your way towards completing your course. After the workshop, you will have three months to continue the writing process to meet your post-course commitments. As always, you are always welcome to call in and chat with one of our facilitators if you need help.

Your Learning Journey

These are the modules you’ll cover during the workshop:

  • Contextualise the development process
  • Stimulate the learning
  • Shape the learning
  • Write for clarity and understanding
  • Write a facilitator’s guide
  • Develop a learner’s manual
  • Involve the learner in the learning
  • Develop learning aids
  • Develop a job aid
  • Copyright law and the materials developer
  • Pilot the learning material
  • Evaluate the learning programme.

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