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Become a Google Earth Outreach trainer

If you are training fellow staff at your non-profit organization or any colleagues related to your work, these resources detailed below are provided to help you prepare and present, and help your trainees learn and develop projects with Google’s mapping tools. Please note that Google Earth Outreach Trainer’s Materials are only available in English at this time.

Trainer’s Materials

Suggested Agendas are to be used as a guide for what to cover during workshops of various lengths.

  • 3-hour workshop (Google Earth training only)
  • 3-hour workshop (Google Maps training only)
  • 1-day workshop (both Google Earth & Maps training)
  • 2-day workshop (both Google Earth & Maps training)

Trainer’s Scripts are step-by-step instructions for trainers during a workshop, including what to demonstrate, what to say, things to remember, and how to answer common questions. You may refer back to it during the workshop, and use the checkboxes in the left column to check off topics as you cover them. Read the script in its entirety at least two days before the workshop.

Trainer’s Scripts are available for the following tools:

  • Google Maps
  • Google Earth
  • Google Fusion Tables

Presentations slides are slides for trainers to use during your workshop, alongside the trainer’s script.

Presentation slides are available for the following tools:

  • Google Maps
  • Google Earth
  • Google Fusion Tables

Workbooks are for use by your workshop attendees — you may print the workbook and bind them, or simply give the attendees a link to it on a Google Sites page.

Workbooks are available for the following tools:

  • Google Maps
  • Google Earth
  • Google Fusion Tables

Technique Tours are collections of Google Earth projects created by non-profit and public benefits groups that serve as examples of various techniques available in Google Earth.

Technique tours are only relevant to Google Earth, thus only available for Google Earth.

What’s Next?

After you’ve requested the trainer’s materials, you’ll also receive an invitation to join the Google Earth Outreach Trainer Network, a community where you can access additional training resources and share best practices and tips for teaching Google’s mapping tools.We also suggest that you take a look at training materials created for past Google Earth Outreach workshops, found listed here.

Google Map Maker training materials

Google Map Maker is a service that allows you to create a map by adding or editing features such as roads, businesses, parks, schools and more. The Google Map Maker Community has created great materials for trainers who want to teach others how to use Map Maker and hold your own mapping event.

  • How to Host a MapUp: instructions and materials to help you host your own mapping event.
  • Map Makerpedia: is a community-generated learning portal for Google Map Maker featuring lessons, tutorials, and use cases from around the world.

Videos for Demonstrations

Videos are great for demonstrations if you are traveling to areas with little or no Internet connectivity. Below trainers will find an assortment of videos to use during workshops.

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