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Free To Grow

Organisations need their people to give their best and to contribute fully to the growth of the organisation. People also have a deep need to learn, to grow and to do meaningful work. Free To Grow brings these two needs together through programmes and processes that improve culture performance and climate in a meaningful and sustainable way.

As a credible business partner in the fields of employee engagement and learning and development, our focus is on ensuring ROI for our clients.

Our areas of speciality:

Employee Engagement

Organisations require their people to focus on and direct their energy towards what is important to the organisation. People need to live the values framed on the walls and people need to implement the change designed in the boardroom.

Employee Engagement is the tool that unlocks peoples’ potential at work. When employees are engaged, they are connected to their work and to their organisation. They see the bigger picture and understand the part they are playing to achieve it. They find meaning in their work and are committed to contributing fully. Engaged employees go further, deliver better results, delight more customers and live the organisation’s brand better than non-engaged employees. They add to the organisation’s bottom line.

Engagement cannot be forced or bought. It cannot be obtained through compliance. It needs to happen in the hearts and minds of people. Employee Engagement is a journey. Free To Grow has the knowledge, skills and experience to partner with you on this journey. We will work with you in a spirit of collaboration and co-creation, moulding our high impact programmes, processes and tools to fit your needs and context.

Leadership Development

Our leadership development programmes create the mindset and provide leaders with the practical tools to be the change they want to see in their organisation: to lead with vision and credibility, to build and maintain constructive relationships with their teams and to inspire, engage and influence intentionally. In our experience gaps often exist in these areas, in spite of leaders having attended excellent leadership and management programmes. With a focus on exactly those areas where leaders are often lacking, we help them bring out the best performance in themselves and others. All our leadership programmes are aligned to Drotter’s Leadership Pipeline

Relationship Building

Getting along well with the people you work with, does not guarantee high levels of engagement and productivity. However, when people do not get along with their colleagues, it negatively affects their motivation and contribution. Where relationships are strained, energy that utilised for problem solving and innovation is often wasted on petty conflict. Where relationships are characterised by mutual respect, trust and understanding, collaboration can flourish.

Personal Growth & Wellbeing

The programmes in this range assist people in their journey of continuous improvement and proactive self-development. We focus on creating the mindset and developing the competency for either personal mastery, professional growth, self-management and personal wellness. Our objective is to help people focus their energy on being the best they can and increase the quality of their personal and work lives.

Track record

Since 1994, over 87 000 people in 28 countries in Africa, Asia & South America have been inspired and transformed by the experiential methodology of Free To Grow courses.

We have an exemplary track record in over 1160 organisations such as MultiChoice Africa, SABMiller, TFG, Woolworths, UNICEF, Sanlam, University of Cape Town and PwC who have implemented our programmes on a large scale or over a long term (up to 19 years).

Geographical spread

Free To Grow has licensed facilitators throughout South Africa and in Namibia, Botswana, Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, Zambia and Mauritius.

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