DAI Institute

DAI discovered that many leaders were hungry for our training but were unable to get to local workshops. Additionally, participation in our Master of Organizational Leadership program was difficult due to the time commitment away from their families and/or jobs. This led DAI to research alternatives to meet the needs of these leaders and DAI Institute was born.


1. Make Curriculum Available To All

In a constantly changing technological world, we provide all courses free of charge and easily accessible online to Christian leaders almost anywhere in the world.

2. Growth in knowledge and experience for our learners

We strive to provide interactive content that will aid in learning and serve leaders to grow in their skills and to develop new skills that will positively impact others.



After talking to our students and instructors all over the world we discovered that our learners fall into two – very evenly divided – categories.

The first category are oral learners, people who come from oral cultures and learners for whom English is their second or perhaps third language. These learners really liked the avatar version of the course because it allowed them to read the text on screen, hear it being spoken from the on-screen instructors and if needed, replay the slides as many times as would be needed for them to understand and comprehend the content before they continued in the lesson.

Our second group of learners tended to be a younger demographic who are very used to and comfortable with utilizing online video. This group tends to have English language skills that are more advanced and they are comfortable with using not only their computers, but also want to use their tablets and smartphones as platforms for their courses. They preferred the video version of the course. They liked the flexibility of being able to learn at a different pace and on a variety of platforms.


All of our courses offer optional certificates of completion. Once you have completed a course, you can take the optional final exam and when you pass this exam with a 75% or higher score, you will have the option of purchasing a certificate of completion through our secure store.

DAI is a fellowship of leader developers passionate about helping Christian leaders grow and have a transformative impact in their communities.

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