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Corporate Courseware strives to be a “one-stop-shop”. We are a group 10 training material developers and associates who specialise in different fields in the training industry. We have pooled our services to enable you to find what you need without spending a great deal of time doing so. We save you time, money, the frustration of finding exactly what you are looking for and the uncertainty of not knowing whether your purchases will meet your requirements.


If you are needing quotations for material, simply send a mail to me and I will send quotes to you from up to 10 developers!

We have the following downloadable products available which may be branded, customised and printed-on-demand:


  • Aligned and accreditation-ready Unit Standards
  • Aligned and accreditation-ready Skills Programmes
  • Aligned and accreditation-ready Qualifications
  • RPL Tool Sets
  • Occupational Health and Safety Training Kits (aligned & un-aligned)
  • 53 Soft Skills Training packs developed for workshop/short course training (un-aligned)
  • A range of un-aligned Skills Courses


and offer the following services:


  • Assistance with the set-up of Quality Management Systems (QMS)
  • Assistance with accreditation of skills programmes and qualifications
  • Development of aligned Unit Standards, Skills Programmes and Qualifications
  • Assistance and support with Seta Accreditation
  • Alignment of existing training material
  • Assessment & Moderation
  • E-Learning
  • Cloud Storage
  • Learner Management Systems


    Linda Snyman

    • Office: 031 564 5401
    • Cell: 072 992 4744

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