Salesian Life Choices

Salesian Life Choices

The Salesians have developed an array of projects …

Declan Collins Educational Centre, Ennerdale, Gauteng:

This centre offers life skills training for young people who have been affected by HIV / Aids in the Ennerdale, Gauteng area …read more

Institute Youth Programme:

Over the years the Institute has served as an orphanage, later as a technical school and now accommodates a range of projects for youth at risk.

The Salesian Institute is located on the corner of Somerset Road and Chiappini Street in Cape Town…read more (English) or (Dutch)

Samsung Real Dreams Youth Employment Skills:

This project forms part of the Salesian Institute Youth Projects in Cape Town and facilitates the skills acquisition of young unemployed school leavers so that they can enter the job market


This programme offers lifestyle and sexuality education for teenagers between the ages of 13 – 19 by the Salesians of Don Bosco at Bosco Youth Centre, in Daleside, south of Johannesburg

Manzini Youth Care:

This centre in Swaziland provides support and care for homeless and marginalised youth who would otherwise be on the streets

Salesian Life Choices:

This innovative HIV/AIDS prevention project works with youth between the age of 10 to 19 and is located at the Salesians’ Lansdowne premises in Cape Town

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