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Training Materials

This section includes all of the curriculum developed for the CERT program, and features instructor guides, participant manuals, and slide decks for conducting the CERT training. In addition to the basic CERT training, materials are also available for the CERT Train-the-Trainer and Program Manager Courses, as well as the CERT supplemental modules, which are intended to provide additional training in specific areas to participants who have already completed the basic course. Basic CERT training materials are available in Spanish, Low Vision, and Screen Reader formats. From this page, users can also access the IS-317 course, which is an introduction to the CERT curriculum.

Contact Us

This page helps users to identify the most appropriate point of contact for any questions they may have not otherwise addressed on the CERT webpage. Users will be able to contact their state point of contact or the National CERT office.

We welcome your questions and comments. For the quickest reply, please use the appropriate contacts below:

  • State CERT or Citizen Corps Point-of-Contact – For inquiries about starting a CERT program, becoming a CERT instructor, State policies, or questions about updating your CERT profile in the National CERT Registry.
  •  cert@dhs.gov – To report technical difficulties with the CERT website or share stories about your CERT program for consideration to be highlighted in CERT in Action! or the National CERT Newsletter.

Please join the official CERT Online Forum at http://community.fema.gov to share ideas with CERT participants, program coordinators, trainers, and advocates .

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