ENJO Consultants CC

ENJO Consultants CC

ENJO Consultants

Offers assistance to training providers with their accreditation process with the various SETA’s. We have completed accreditation projects with CETA, ETDP SETA, FP & M Seta, TETA and are currently involved with accreditation projects with HWSETA, EWSETA, MERSETA, MQA and SASSETA to mention a few.

This service includes the writing of the Training Quality Management System.

ENJO Consultants can also assist with the development of training material aligned to the specifications of the various SETA’s.

ENJO Consultants has also been instrumental in assisting numerous training providers with setting up of their training facilities.

Furthermore the company offers SETA accredited training of facilitators, assessors and moderators with EWSETA, CETA, HWSETA, MICT, LG SETA, SABPP, ETDP SETA, SERVICES SETA .

ENJO Consultants is accredited as a provider with the ETDPSETA(ETDP10602), MICT, SACE and COMENsa

ENJO Consultants offer training in the following areas:

  • Facilitators, Assessors, Moderators
  • SDF
  • Design and development of learning material
  • ODETDP Level 4 (50332)
  • ODETDP Level 5 (50334)
  • ECD Level 4 (58761)
  • NC HRM Level 4
  • NDip HRM Level 5
  • End User Computers Level 3 (61951)
  • Coaching and Mentoring
  • ECD – Grade R teachers
  • ECD – Care for babies
  • First Aid – DoL CI 12/3/12/1
  • HIV and Aids Awareness.

ENJO Consultants has partnered with various accredited SETA service providers to enable the company to offer a large range of solutions for your training needs.

ENJO Consultants is DoL approved for First Aid Level 1, 2 & 3. DoL Registration – CI 12/3/12/1

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Contact: ENJO Consultants CC

Accreditation Status:

Full Accreditation



ETQA Accreditation #:

ETDP10602 & CI 12/3/12/1


  • South Africa

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