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Cheryl Carter & Associates

About Cheryl Carter & Associates

Since we started in 2000, we have become known in the market place for our ability to facilitate intense, small group training sessions. Our emphasis is on promoting individual growth and development, whilst at the same time satisfying client company requirements and industry standards.

We specialise in soft skills training and our expertise lies in the Communication, Interpersonal and Personal Development areas. We train at Supervisory, Middle and Senior Management levels.

Cheryl Carter & Associates is an Accredited Private Provider with the Services SETA. We are also Accredited with the MERSETA, INSETA, CATHSSETA and ETDP SETA. You will find our details and the Unit Standards we offer listed with each of these SETA’s.

Our Assessors and Moderators are registered with the relevant SETAs and we have been accrediting our learners since 2005.

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