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Train the Trainer


It is so important for us to share what we know with others. While we all have skills and knowledge in a certain area or subject, we don’t always how to transfer this to someone in a way where learning will take place. Training is a skill in itself, so through this course, you’ll become a recognised trainer in a fun and creative way while also learning the basics of skills development in South Africa.


Train the Trainer is aimed at individuals who are or will be involved in facilitating learning programmes. These individuals may include line managers, HR managers, supervisors, coaches and any practitioners involved in teaching, training, education and facilitation.

• Introduction to skills development
• Analysing learner needs
• Learning styles, modes and multiple intelligences
• Planning your training
• Logistics
• Learning materials/audio-visual aids/prezi presentations

• Creative facilitation methods
• Skills of the trainer
• Attention grabbers
• Tips for the trainer
• Dealing effectively with learners

• Introduction
• Role-players involved in evaluation
• Evaluation at the end
• Reactionnaires and questionnaires

You will prepare and facilitate a session on the last day, which we will record and offer feedback. The remaining time will be spent on portfolio building.

Contact Details

Contact Person:

Glenda Methven

Contact: Learn Ability

Unit Standard:


NQF Level:

Level 5



Course Delivery Method:

Presented Courses

Course Duration:

4 days


R4 200 per learner (excl. VAT)

Course fee Includes:

Printing, facilitation, recording of session, assessment (3), moderation, certification

CBM Training

Professional Administrators Conference South Africa

Now in its 14th year, PACSA 2016 comes to Cape Town! The powerful 2-day conference for secretaries and personal assistants is about overcoming obstacles, taking charge of your professional development and realising your true power as a hero and influencer in your field. We have an amazing programme and a dynamic line up of speakers ready to help you on your journey from good to GREAT! Speakers include Angelique du Toit, Deshun Deysel and more! Don’t miss the secretarial event of the year!

Your comprehensive programme includes:
Mountains and manicures: a lesson in endurance from Deshun Deysel – the first black woman to climb Everest
Realising that you have the power to be a leader and influencer
Understanding how your perceptions – and those of others – have an impact on your communication with your colleagues
Gaining practical, easy to implement tips for continuously conquering your admin mountain
You Win or Lose by the way that you Choose – so choose wisely!
Understanding why wellness at work is so important to your productivity and happiness
Anticipating your managers’ needs by applying the boss mind-set to projects and tasks
Reaching the summit: practical goal setting techniques to help you achieve your objectives
Discovering the secret to an immaculate and highly professional workplace image

Contact Details

Contact Person:

Cassidy Cook

Contact: CBM Training

Course Delivery Method:

Presented Courses

Course Duration:

2 days



Course fee Includes:

Full programme and training material, full catering, gifts.

Academy Training Group

Academy Training Group supports the principles of democracy which grant everybody the right to a better education.

Our objective is to provide practical training and knowledge for a professional level of competency.

The director of studies at Academy Training Group is Retha Vermaak (Bsc.Hhk Ed) who has extensive experience in the training field.

The training provided by ATG contains a combination of tutorship provided by a qualified tutor and individual work by the trainee in his/her own time.

As the main method of learning is directly on the computer, the tutors’ role is generally to provide the necessary assistance and support by answering questions, monitoring the trainees’ performance, and introducing new concepts and information as necessary.

Contact Us
Contact: Academy Training Group

Accreditation Status:

Full Accreditation


Umalusi; Services Seta; MICT Seta; Fasset Seta; ETDP Seta

ETQA Accreditation #:

FET 00404PA


  • Kempton Park


Computer Literacy

English Proficiency

Business today depends on several aspects of information technology. It’s almost impossible to get ahead without computer skills. If you have a wide range of these skills you’ll be highly employable, in a multitude of positions, in any business.
Modules and Unit Standard numbers

US 9357- Keyboard Skills
• Develop keyboard techniques to key in alpha and numeric text, symbols and special characters.
• Identify and remedy technique errors
• Apply keyboard techniques and ergonomic practices to avoid overuse injuries
• Produce sentences and paragraph containing alpha and numeric text, symbols and special characters

US 117867 – Managing files in a graphical user interface
• Identify the different storage devices on a computer
• Explain the concepts of files on a computer in a GUI environment
• Locate files in a GUI environment
• Work with computer files in a GUI environment
• Protect computer files in a GUI environment

US 116938- Create and edit documents in Word
• Demonstrate an understanding of the principles of word processing
• Create, open and save documents
• Produce a document from given text
• Format a document
• Edit a document
• Check spelling and grammar in a document
• Adjust the display characteristics

US 116937- Create and edit spreadsheets
• Demonstrate an understanding of the principles of spreadsheets
• Create, open and save spreadsheets
• Produce a spreadsheet from given specifications
• Edit a spreadsheet
• Format a spreadsheet
• Check spelling in a spreadsheet
• Print a spreadsheet using features specific to spreadsheets

US 116931- Use a web browser to search the internet
• Understand the concepts and terms of the Internet
• Explain legal and ethical issues in relation to Internet use
• Use a GUI-based browser to display a given web page
• Adjust settings to customize the view and preferences of the browser application
• Navigate on the Internet
• Use a search engine to locate given information specifications
• Obtain information from a website

US 116945- Use electronic mail to send and receive messages
• Understand the concepts and terms of electronic messaging
• Create and send an email message
• Receive and respond to emails
• Work with multiple email message
• Adjust settings to customize the view and preferences of the email application

Contact Details

Contact Person:

Contact: Academy Training Group

Course Delivery Method:

In Class
Presented Courses

Course Duration:

3 months


On request


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